Many avid golf fans have so much love for their beloved golf greens that they wish they could take a chunk of greens home with them and just plot it down in the backyard of their piece of London real estate property. The only thing wrong with that strategy is that golf clubhouses frown upon such behavior and if you were to get caught taking home a part of the golf greens you'd probably be banned from the club.

So, if you want to keep playing golf at your favorite course but can't take the golf greens with you, what are you supposed to do? Well, other than investing a lot of money into purchasing your own golf course you can work on the lawn you have at home to make it as perfectly lush as the golf greens you tee off from. Luckily for you we've gotten our hands on some super top-secret tips on how to get the perfect lawn that many golf course professionals use. Page sponsor is Trinity Family emergency dentist clinic in Whitby

The first thing they stress is mowing. You have to mow your lawn frequently and with sharp blades! This is done so that the lawn is forced to grow thick and it also keeps out any weeds. Sharp blades also don't beat your lawn up that much and makes it less susceptible to disease. Another key point to keep in mind when mowing is that you shouldn't cut it too short. While you may see plenty of homes that have very short and appealing lawns the owners of those homes do it to make their homes more appealing to lure in potential bidders; you're not going for that look though. Short grass grows quicker, leads to deep roots, doesn't resist disease as easily and requires extensive watering; all of which are things you want to avoid.

A few other tips we have are to never mow a wet lawn, leave any mulch clippings in the lawn so they can help fertilize the soil, water deeply but infrequently, avoid watering at night, don't use too much fertilizer, never mix fertilizers and grow thick grass. Growing the perfect lawn is like painting the perfect piece of landscape art and you need to make sure you're ready to put in the necessary work that goes with it!

Now that you know what it takes to get the perfect lush green lawn like the ones found at your most visited golf greens it's time to get that mower out and have at it! Who knows, you might even do such a good job that others take notice of your work and ask you to mow their lawn for them, which could lead to a second career! Interested in adding a golf green or mat to your backyard?

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