If you're just starting out in the world of golf and don't really know much about the etiquette that comes with being a golfer you better get yourself acquainted with the rules pretty soon. The sport of golf is one of the most respectful sports around and you don't want to start causing a ruckus just because you didn't know you had to be quiet during another player's tee shot or that you're required to book a tee time in advance.

That last rule is probably the first rule you should memorize or else you won't find yourself welcomed onto too many golf courses around your home. Tee times are usually offered on a first come first serve basis at most golf courses, especially if they're public golf courses. So, if you know that you want to golf at a specific time so that you can work around your appointment then you better call ahead and book your tee time as far ahead in time as you can.

You don't want to risk your tee time already being booked because that might ruin your schedule or the plans of your golf-playing buddies. Some golf courses will have limits to how far ahead you can book so if you know you want to play at 9:45AM two months from today because you have a Barrie dentist appointment scheduled for later in the day you should check to see if that's allowed in the clubhouse rules. If it's not just ask when the earliest date you can book your tee time is and plan accordingly.

One way to get around tee time bookings is to join a private golf club. Country clubs or private golf courses will allow their members to come and go as they please to play golf just as long as the course is available. However, that doesn't mean you can expect to leave your home and just show up at the golf course with the expectation that you can step onto the greens, whether or not there are people playing golf.

You still have to be respectful of the rules, even if you are a member of a private country club. The same goes for public courses that allow for walk-on play. If you show up to your favorite course after being dropped off by a taxi service thinking you'll get a quick round of golf in and then be you should know it doesn't work like that. The only way you can get on the course is if nobody else booked the particular tee time you want or you were the first person to shop during an unclaimed tee time. As long as you know the rules governing tee times you should be all good! Now go have some fun out there.

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