You may think that you have achieved everything that you could ever hope for. You are now a home owner, you have a terrific job, and excellent schools for your kids. However, you may or may not feel there could be something else that is missing.

Yes, it may be sitting just under your nose and you don't know it. Could it be a membership to a gym? Fine custom jewellery design pieces, could it be an investment for the future in one of those Toronto downtown condos? Or how about this: taking some time to think about how you could bring golf into your life in some way, shape, or form?

There used to be a time when golf was considered primarily as a man's sport; but no more. Over the years, golf has continued to grow in popularity and stature for both men and women and many companies use the game of golf to advertise their products and services. For any busy real estate agent, golf can be a potent benefit to help relax and recharge when spending some down time.

Companies usually use golf tournaments to display their profile in several ways. Through commercials, and by encouraging competitors to wear clothing with their logos on them. They offer handsome benefits to those who do this in the latter case. You may be relaxing in front of a TV screen in one of those great homes and bingo! Up pops a commercial with the logo of a well known company taking center stage.

You may be getting the picture by now but there is much more to this. The game/sport of golf not only benefits companies on the hunt to find ways to increase and enhance their profiles. It can also benefit you. Just think of it. You are sitting at home with some time on your hand. You work hard all week; tucked away in an office environment and the weekend is the only time that you have to go out there and enjoy nature's wonders. You want to find something that would involve your family; then how about taking up golf? This sport is for all ages and stages of life.

The investment is not as prohibitive as you may think and the time spent to enjoy it is even less so. The game of golf is definitely for everyone.

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