Back when EA Sports wasn't as popular as it is today they used to be ridiculed when they said their sports video games would make those that played them feel close to the action and become better at sports just by playing their games. How could throwing a football or taking a slap shot or making a putt in virtual sports simulations make a person better at sports than leaving the comfort of their couch in their condos or homes and actually going out in the real world and doing any of the above mentioned sports activities?

It was laughable back then but now more and more sports simulations are not only helping improve their jump shot but a professional golfer's handicap also gets some assistance through sports simulators. Golf is a sport that plays right into the sports simulation world because golf isn't a sport that can be played all year round, unless you live in cities with certain climates that are golf friendly.

Virtual golf can be played anywhere, anytime, and during any season. So, if one day you wake up in your home and notice that it's raining outside all you have to do is get yourself a game of virtual golf in that will help you improve your golf game and keep you in tip top shape. Depending on the intensity of the virtual golf you want to play you can purchase your very own golf simulator machine, which might require sales and your savings, as well as the necessary equipment to shoot a round of golf in your home. Or you can try your hand at some Tiger Woods PGA Tour for your PS3.

For some golfers, pro or novice, that's not enough and instead they'll make their way to a virtual golf course near their Junction Toronto home that has state of the art surround sound, high definition big screen projector screens and 3D virtual golf courses readily available to be played on. Not only will you have access to a room big enough to tee off from or make a putt in but you'll be playing a round of virtual golf with top notch GPS golf course software, high speed cameras, an impact screen, putting surface, hitting mat, sand and rough mat, lighting system, and custom club fitting.

Everything you need to play a round of virtual golf is there for you to take advantage of and once you get into the virtual swing of things you'll feel as if you're actually on the golf greens sweating or coursing away! What more could you ask for from a virtual golf experience?

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