Sports injuries can be either very minor and shrugged off as something that happens routinely during the game or can be very devastating and career threatening. If you're a major sports aficionado who lives and breathes sports and follow the injury status updates of your favorite teams and players then instead of researching stock trends like you're supposed to be doing for work then you know which injuries are nothing to worry about and which injuries will make you wince in pain.

In the world of sports there are five common sports injuries that are routinely diagnosed by doctors and we want to briefly go over them and they are ankle sprains, hamstring strains, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears, wrist fractures and lower back pain. The injuries we just listed you're probably aware of from watching sports on TV and while that might be the case for most sports fans not everybody knows exactly what each injury really means.

We're going to rectify that and make sure that you will know more about these injuries so that in the future if you hear a diagnosis that involves any of the above mentioned injuries you'll feel more in the know and can decide whether or not you should panic about your fantasy football team if one of your players is diagnosed with an ACL tear. First up we have the ankle sprain, which is a torn or stretched ligament that happens either in the ankle, foot or lower leg and can happen from running, jumping and sliding. Ankle sprains, once they first happen, can occur regularly and the best way to prevent them is by taping your ankles before partaking in any sporting activity, be it a professional tennis match or printed shrink sleeves company recreational softball game.

Next up is the hamstring strain, which is a stretched or torn hamstring muscle that's located on the back of your thigh and it can be caused by stretching the hamstring more than it should be, sliding in baseball or diving in volleyball. Hamstring stretches and exercises like hamstring curls are the best way to prevent hamstring strains from happening. An ACL tear is a cringe-worthy injury that is a tear in the knee joint. Most ACL tears happen from jumping or changing direction too quickly and are common in sports like soccer, basketball, tennis and especially in football, as an ACL tear suffered by a football player could ruin their entire season. ACL tears can happen at a moment's notice and the best defense against them is having strong leg muscles. ACL tears are the worst of the injuries we mentioned and a professional athlete that suffers an ACL tear could go from playing sports for a living to dealing with sign art instantly because some ACL tears never heal properly.

A wrist fracture is a break or crack in the wrist or lower arm and happens when using your hand to try and break a fall. Extreme sports like skating and snowboarding are where most wrist fractures occur and if you participate in such sports make sure to always be wearing wrist guards. The final common sports injury we have to discuss is lower back pain and this happens whenever your back is rotated instead of your hips and happens most frequently to golfers. Proper form and technique will give you your best shot at avoiding lower back pain so you should remember that the next time you are away from your house getting ready to tee off on the golf course.

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