If you've ever watched a sport on TV such as English Premier League soccer or golf and have seen athletes wearing uniforms with logos of companies or carrying around equipment bags that are littered with company logos you'll be happy to learn it's because those athletes are being sponsored by the beer or mobile spy equipment companies that appear on their uniforms or equipment.

In the world of Golf the most recognized sponsorship is that between Tiger Woods and Nike. Tune in to any golf telecast at home on your television set or on your smartphone during a break from a gig you're working and you'll see the big Nike Swoosh that's showcased on the front of Tiger Wood's golf shirt. Tiger can also be picked out of a large crowd from the hat he wears during his rounds of golf, which is also made by Nike.

How to get sponsorship.

The world of sponsorship is huge in sports and if you look at Tiger Woods as an example you can see just how lucrative it can be. Nike, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Fuse Science, and Electronic Arts are a few of Tiger Woods' sponsors that made him the world's highest paid golfer. From July of 2011 to July of 2012 Tiger Woods made $120 million from golf course design income, appearance fees, prize money and endorsements. Compare that figure to Phil Mickelson's prize money and sponsorship deal earnings, which was $46.7 million, and you can see just how important sponsorship is in sports, but especially so in golf. All that money for doing nothing more than wearing a shirt carrying around a golf bag with a company logo on it; sure beats working at a meat processing plant or lugging around trailer support stands and warehouse guardrails all day.

Professional athletes that endorse products help companies make money. That's the bottom line so as long as those athletes keep wearing sponsored shirts with logos or continue to carry around their equipment in sponsored gear companies will continue to shell out the big bucks to have those athletes endorse their products. Again, just look at Tiger Woods and EA Sports. The Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game has been in existence since 1998 and there are no plans of not producing any time soon.

In some sports like soccer, tennis and golf it's more commonplace to see professional athletes wearing sponsored uniforms like Nike tennis shorts, Reebok golf cleats or soccer jerseys bearing the name of beer companies. In other sports such as American football they're subtler such as only being able to see the small Nike swoosh on the jerseys. If you're a Toronto mortgage broker looking for a way to attract new clients you might want to look into advertising with the Toronto FC, as it could be a way to get your name out there.

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